We bring ideas to life as high-impact, listable organisational systems at scale.

 “…merely an organisation of intelligent men and women, presumably of creative capacity, specially trained in a knowledge of the things and methods of science and society, and provided with the facilities and wherewithal to study and develop the particular industry with which they are associated. In short, modern organizational system research and development is meant to apply art and science to the “common affairs” of everyday life. It is an instrument capable of avoiding many of the mistakes of a blind cut-and-try experimentation. It is likewise an instrument which can bring to bear an aggregate of creative force on any particular problem which is infinitely greater than any force which can be conceived of as residing in the intellectual capacity of an individual…” 

- Adapted from Frank Jewett, Founding President of Bell Labs (1975)

Platform off which market-winners, industry-leaders and world-changers are launched

Chapter One Innovation is a business model research and development firm founded in 2007.

We apply science, entrepreneurship, art, commerce, creativity and capital towards bringing high-impact, “born” big ideas to life as organisational systems at scale and support others to do the same.

We are a multi-disciplinary team that serves as the platform off which industry-leaders, market-winners and world-changers are launched; by this we mean both the organisational systems that we build and the people that work on and in them.

We collaborate with our clients, investors and partners to build, establish and launch new, naturally-accretive organisational systems at scale along with the business models that underpin them.

What is a Onesie?

Onesies are a very diverse group of individuals – among them engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, anthropologists, sociologists, physicists, accountants, philosophers - yet they definitely have something specific in common.

They are all smart, see and deeply believe in the vision of the firm, are attracted by the thrill of pioneering and changing the world by bringing ideas to life and are bound together by a shared commitment to the values of the firm: justice, excellence, friendship, fun and innovativeness.

At Chapter One Innovation they are provided with a free environment for the operation of their respective and collective genius.

Our aspiration is that those that visit our campus will walk away saying : “The only place more visibly, productively and cohesively diverse than this must be heaven with its great multitude from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages.”

Why we do what we do?

Look around you. The world. Your world. My world. Our world. Whether you call it your family, your community, your organisation, your industry, your market, your ecosystem, your nation or even group of nations; it is as it is, yet it need not remain that way.

The world that we have today is the result of many questions; both the ones we’ve managed to answer and the infinite ones we are yet to answer, partly because we are still searching for the answers but mostly because we have never even ventured to search for better answers let alone ask those questions that will surface them.

We at Chapter One Innovation may not have all the answers but we do have a purpose: to ask and to seek and to bring the answers to those questions to life as high-impact, listable organisational systems at scale as market-winners, industry-leaders and world-changers.

Clients and Partners

We are very deliberate in not simply being chosen as partners to our clients and investors but also in who we choose to be partnered up with.

Our clients and investors are individuals and organisations that we have a values-alignment with who are actively seeking to disrupt the status-quo;to break out of prevailing behavioural equilibria and to meaningfully shift the performance trajectories of their organisations. They perceive a need to go beyond ameliorating those challenges that are confronting them, their organisations and society at large, and towards eradicating them completely.

They are looking for step-change transformation as opposed to optimization within the status quo. They see the need for and are excited about the possibility of “the new” driven by a “think different” perspective to the context, problems and opportunities.

For all these and other reasons we tend to see our clients and partners as:


Setting out or already on journeys to shaping visions into realities, particularly realities that seek to bring new, “born-big” organizational systems to life or taking existing organizational systems into new market and competitive spaces.

World Changers

Innovation is a doing word – when creativity moves from a thought to being an action that fundamentally transforms things and challenges existing power and relational structures it qualifies to be termed : innovation. Innovation is the specific instrument of World Changers.


In order to see Michaelangelo’s David where others see a lump of rock one must necessarily see things differently and possess a healthy disregard for the impossible – we call such individuals and organisations : heretics.

Our typical clients and partners can be categorized into the following groups:

C-Suite Executives

C-suite executives who partner with us in order to have a specialist capability on hand to drive special projects on their behalf; particularly those that require expertise in establishing and leading highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary teams in mission-critical, non-conventional, strategic execution assignments where traditional mindsets, tools, tactics, approaches and capabilities will not suffice and imagination and  “think different” approaches to problems and opportunities are critical success factors.


Investors who rely on us to serve as builders and providers of high-fidelity, early-stage deal flow for their funds. They derive value from our specialist capabilities at mitigating investment risk and optimizing investment value in the “fuzzy frontend” stages of organizational system lifecycles.


SME,Venture Capital and Private equity portfolio managers who partner with us to support their pursuits of alpha by applying our unique capabilities towards developing and implementing portfolio value creation strategies both at portfolio and at portfolio company levels.