How might we partner to change the world together?

General Inquiries




We recently conducted an exercise where we invited our clients and investment-partners to share why they place a call to Chapter One whenever they have problems worth solving or opportunities worth exploring and some of the questions that lead to them placing a call to us.

How do we think-differently about how to solve this problem?

How do we turn our aspirations for innovation and creativity into tangible and high-impact results?

How do we build competitive advantage using this particular component of our organizational system?

How do we pursue this growth opportunity in a way that optimally mitigates risk?

If a well-funded startup wanted to enter and disrupt our market and in the process displace us how would it go about doing it and how do we do it instead?

How might we become the Facebook/ Apple/ Amazon/ Netflix/ Google of our sector in how they are able to drive consistent growth and disruption of themselves and their sectors through innovation?

How do we execute this strategic, complex and mission-critical project that we do not have resources, capabilities or unique enough perspective to successfully execute in-house?

What is the investment-case for pursuing this greenfields opportunity?

How do we get the most out of the investment we’ve made into our human capital?

What value-addition can we make to our portfolio so as to increase its return on invested capital?